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Lance Berry

Mr. Lance Christopher Berry, age 36, of Madison, Indiana, entered this life on July 21, 1971, in Madison, Indiana, the son of Roger Keith & Carolyn Lee Chilton Berry. He was raised in Madison and was a 1991, graduate of Madison Consolidated High School and attended Vincennes University. He was united in marriage on July 13, 1996, in Madison to Amanda Michelle James to this happy union arrived Dalton Christopher on May 3, 2003, to bless their home. Lance had worked as a welder for the past 17 years at Rotary Lift in Madison. Lance was of the Christian faith and resided in Madison all of his life. He enjoyed Indianapolis Colts Football and was a season ticket holder, he loved spending time with his family and friends. He enjoyed camping and devoting his love and time to his son Dalton. Lance died Saturday, April 19, 2008 at 3:36 pm at the Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky after suffering a stroke and heart attack at home.

Lance will be missed by his loving wife: Amanda Michelle James Berry of Madison, Indiana; his loving son: Dalton Christopher Berry of Madison, Indiana; his father & step mother: Roger K. & Sue Berry of Madison, Indiana; his grandmother: Lois Berry of Leesburg, Florida; half sister: Karen Eaglin of Milton, Kentucky; his step sisters: Kim A. Williams of Indianapolis, Indiana and Sherri S. Huff of Madison, Indiana; his step brothers: Jeff R. Huff & his wife: Luwanna of Madison, Indiana, Jimmy R. Huff of Deputy, Indiana; his father in law & mother in law: Nick & Aleta James of Madison, Indiana; his grandmother in law: Remonia Potter of Madison, Indiana; brother's in law & sister in law: Devin & Angie James of Scottsburg, Indiana and Jason James of Madison, Indiana; several nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles & other relatives. He was preceded in death by his mother: Carolyn Lee Chilton Berry on April 30, 1997; his half brother: Tony Eaglin on April 30, 2004; his grandpa: Jerome Howard Berry died: Feb. 22, 2000; his grandpa & grandma Chilton.

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04/25/08 03:09 PM #2    

Jenny Vest

I will always remember Lance's awesome smile and his gentle nature. He truely was a remarkable person I will never forget all the fun times we all had as kids on the block at the famous Oak Hill park. He will truely be missed. But I know we will meet again in heaven. Rest in peace Lance.

04/25/08 04:31 PM #3    

Gordon Dailey

he was a great guy and a good freind and the best buddy great smile on his face.

05/19/08 02:55 PM #4    

Chrissy Burke (Robertson)

Lance was truely the nicest guy I ever knew. His smile could light up the whole world. What a shame to loose such wonderful person! It was an honor to have known him. May he rest in wonderful peace.

05/31/08 05:10 AM #5    

Robert Kaiser II

I don't know where to start.
5/30/2008...i was walking into Arvin Sango, where i have been employed for almost 5 years now...Travis Stevens stopped me and said Lance Berry had passed.
I had to ask him ...."Lance"?
I am still beside myself......
Lance was probably the first person to befriend me my Senior Year. I came to live in Madison my Graduating year, my mother s Nursing brought us here....First day of school, i was like here we go many people in this class!
The first Highschool i attended would have had like 30-40 Graduates. I never really involved myself in the clicks, so to speak, but always liked to get to know peeps.
I was working out in the gym at school one day, prob second day of Senior Year and someone, can't remember who, said....if you wanna meet someone impressive and likes to to Lance Berry.
I thought to myself, couldn't be that! I started asking around thae third day of school...couldn't seem to run into this fella....
Anywho....last period of the day and still perplexed about the new school thing....i believe i was talking to Tom Jines....i told him about liking to workout and said that i was told i should meet Lance, he told me.....Lance is sitting on the other side of the room....Doh!!!
I made my way over to the fella...introduced myself and made mention that I to like to lift weights...
During the course of the school year, Lance and I would make time to lift together, but Lance was working at Krogers, so it was a bit hard to meet up with him.
I was alway impressed with Lance's strength....not alot of Seniors i knew could work out with 225 on the Flat bench and Rep it out 10-15 times,,,hehe
We would always put on weight for him and take it off for me, he would tell me "no biggie"....I was just glad that i could keep up with him when we did Leg
We weren't the best of friends by any means....after graduation....there was about a month that we trained together fairly regular.
Seems like after that a few years would go by and i would run into him, kinda like with Matt Always glad to catch up as fast as possible and talk about what was going on at the moment in our lives.
Even though Lance was a chance meeting for me in my life, he left an impression on me , very few people do, they have to have a quality or way about them or i dunno something that just impresses upon you, what they are about.....blah,blah,blah....
I can't remember when last i seen Lance....3-5 years ago maybe....I always knew he was a stones throw from me....I think i ran out of paper...heh

06/23/08 10:12 AM #6    

Joe Levell

Rest In Piece Lance.

Lets see, where to begin. Lance was a truely nice guy, many of us knew that, all of us should. Here is some stuff many of you may have forgotten about Lance.

Lance was a stud even in the 3rd grade, he had muscles even back then. The dude was the most ripped 3rd grader I have ever seen.

7th through 8th grade Lance was the Fastest Human in Southern Indiana. If you gave him even an inch of daylight on the football field he was gone! We used to beat teams by more than 20pts regularly and mostly because of his kick-off return skills and speed.

Lance and I were goofing around waiting for our parents to come pick us up after practice one day and for some reason I ended up throwing him over my head. He landed straight on his head, I thought I had maimed him for life, and was quite sure he would try to kill me. He shook it off and never even really got mad at me. Kids, never play with people like they are action figures.

He was an intense competitor, occasionally we would line up against each other in tackling drills. If I got the better of him, which I usually did given my height and weight advantage, he would get pissed. He would curse at me as I tackled him. The guy just wanted to be the best.

We were never really close friends, but I will always remeber him.

06/25/08 04:53 PM #7    

Shannon Sloan (Dattilo)

Lance was such a sweetheart and a good sport.

One of my favorite memories of Lance happened in Jr. High. During lunch, I was demonstrating to everyone how sticky the dessert was by holding it over their heads. Unfortunately, for Lance, my trick stopped working, and I poured cherry cobbler over him. Mr. Dwyer jokingly said that Lance should be able to pour something on my head too. Accepting his advice, the next day I came prepared in old clothes. My only request was that Lance pour it on the back of my head (to save my perfect, puffy bangs). He honored my request. With cheers from our classmates, he poured chocolate milk on me. We all laughed except Mr. Shaum, who gave Lance and me our one and only lunch detention.

A month before Lance passed away, I spoke with him on the phone and we reminisced about this event. I will cherish Lance's kindness and sense of humor forever.

07/31/08 07:18 PM #8    

Amy Sutton (Peak)

Lance was one of the greatest guys I have ever known. He was so nice to everyone and was one of the few guys that really seemed to judge people by content of their character, not by how they looked or who they hung out with. I remember going out on a double-date with Lance and Shanna Cook and secretely wishing I was Shanna...but then again every girl wanted to date Lance Berry... He was a genuinely good guy and will be so missed by everyone. Heaven got a the best end of this deal. Who knows, maybe he's hanging out with Karen now (and our other passed friends) and they are laughing at our craziness!

08/09/08 05:07 PM #9    

Travis Stevens

I met Lance in 5th grade.He had just moved across the street.We became freinds right away,and we stayed in touch all the way till the end.Lance and I ran around quite a bit.He truly was a great person.He didn't look down on anybody,and that just shows how great he was.I remember we went to The Street Machine Nationals in Dequin Illinois in 98'&99',and he took his camcorder to film the cars! anyway Lance ended up filming alot of other things lol.That was probably the funnest trip I've had.I miss him every day.He was one of, if not my closest friend,and I was proud to have him as my best man at my wedding.I just wish we could have taken one more trip.Miss you brother!

05/19/09 07:22 PM #10    

Jamie Royce

I saw Amanda and Chistopher at the musical The Wizard of Oz that Madison H.S. put on in March. They were already seated, so I didn't intrude other than to say hello. It made me miss Lance all over again, and pray that his son would be able to know his Dad thru all the people that Lance touched. When Amy reminded us that it had been a year, I couldn't believe it. It is said that thru pain and saddness we should learn and grow. In the last year I have tried to spend every second with my daughters doing the things that normally I would've said some other time, or maybe later to. In school Lance made me a better person, and a better friend. In passing, he had made me a better dad. I miss you buddy.

07/11/16 04:01 PM #11    

Tonja Snell (Hoskins)

Lance was the first boy to kiss me it was 3 Rd grade behind Mrs. Wise door he kissed me and ran away rip Lance you will forever be in my heart

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